Incubation period for each type of viral hepatitis

How long is the incubation period for each type of viral hepatitis?
From the hepatitis virus to the human body until the initial symptoms appear. This period is called incubation period. With the pathogen species, latency to view, virulence, human immune status of different lengths.
(I) the incubation period of hepatitis A virus hepatitis A virus hepatitis A virus (hepatitis A virus) is generally 45 days, and the average is 30 days.
(2) hepatitis B (hepatitis) the incubation period of 6 weeks to 6 months, usually in about 3 months.
(3) C virus hepatitis (hepatitis AFV) through blood transfusion infection after Hu latent period average 7.8 weeks (5-12 weeks). Up to a maximum of 30 weeks, the shortest 2 weeks (seen in patients with haemophilia).
(4) mouse hepatitis virus (referred to as hepatitis D) the Ching ummer is not clear. People with hepatitis D virus positive blood transfusion to hepatitis B surface antigen carriers divination day that alanine aminotransferase (GPT) increased and other similar to hepatitis B clinical manifestations.
The incubation period of (5) viral hepatitis (hepatitis A) average for 4 days (10-60 days), for short is hepatitis B and C, but a hepatitis a slightly longer
(6) G virus hepatitis (hepatitis G) of latency no company, reported a blood transfusion after the incubation period of hepatitis G an average of 61 days.

Will contact the hepatitis B patient must be infected

Hepatitis B is transmitted through close contact, blood and body fluids and mother to child transmission of these 3 channels. General contact, such as the talks, shake hands, work colleagues, office, common meals, the possibility of hepatitis B virus infection is very small. Normal life contact between normal people and patients with hepatitis B is not easy to infect the hepatitis B virus. Only with the following situations, it may be infected and become the hepatitis B patients: A is the objective conditions, namely vertical transmission from mother to child, or received a blood transfusion, surgery, contacting unclean blood and blood product opportunities; another is the subjective conditions, and among the high-risk groups of hepatitis B close contact including life not self love and injecting drug use and other bad habits. Even so, also not necessarily will infection of hepatitis B virus and disease, and ultimately depends on autoimmune ability, if just immune in Xu chaos state will to hepatitis B virus caused an opportunity.
Why do some people with hepatitis B virus carriers have no symptoms
Most scholars believe that the formation of asymptomatic hepatitis B virus carriers is related to the body’s immune function.
(1) mother to child transmission. The vertical transmission of mother to children is the most important way of infection after birth. In the absence of preventive measures, the hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B e antigen double positive mother, mother to child transmission rate of hepatitis B virus is almost 100% infants, the hepatitis B virus is the lack of immune clearance capacity, performance is immune tolerance state”. The invasion of hepatitis B virus deoxyribonucleic acid can and infant liver cell chromosomal gene combined with the use of infant hepatocyte replication function of reproduction, and reached into the body’s immune system to attack, and to long term hepatitis B virus carrier state and there is not enough symptomatic.
(2) infant infection. Infants with hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B e antigen positive mother, nanny, close contact with relatives, such as nursing, feeding, kissing and so can lead to infection; can also be infected through the unclean injection. The infant in susceptible environment than adult infection and carry the probability of about 8 times.
(3) resistance. After exposure to hepatitis B virus, the immune function is low or defective, but it can not be a disease, but it can not eliminate the virus, so that the virus and the body is in a state of coexistence and become asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis B virus.

Treatment and protection of hepatitis B virus carriers

Why can not be blind to the treatment of hepatitis B virus carriers, drug use?
Many people with hepatitis B virus carriers believe that the drug can be better treated, in fact, otherwise. Especially for children and adolescents, in the immune tolerance stage, at this time for a variety of treatment without response, all kinds of treatment can not be effective, if this time a large number of drug treatment, not only a waste of money, but also increase the burden of the liver to make liver function abnormal.
For chronic hepatitis B virus carriers, should be mobilized to do liver tissue examination, non active surface antigen carriers generally do not need treatment, but to pay attention to closely monitor the disease; and the real need to treat the main chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the patient.
How to do a good job of individual protection?
Experts said that hepatitis B virus carriers can work and study, but to pay attention to the regular inspection, and consciously have abnormal situation immediately seek medical treatment, in daily life to pay attention to protect themselves.
First of all can not be for “disease” by sorrow, dispirited; while paying special attention to quit smoking, temperance, pay attention to rest, do not fatigue, rest are good for liver nutrition supply and liver cells repair; also should pay attention to nutrition to a reasonable and balanced, and do a good job of personal hygiene.

What liver synthesis and storage capabilities

What liver synthesis and storage capabilities?
Biochemical reactions within the liver of up to 500 or more, the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract meters via the portal vein delivery to the liver by hepatocytes bamboo into a variety of substances into the body you want, such as plasma strong white matter (ie albumin, fiber reinforced White Plains, coagulation quotient M, the ball strong white, lipoproteins) and glycogen, etc., glycogen storage: F hepatocytes within BIA, its decomposition substances (Division inverted sugar, etc.) can be released to the word section A blood glucose concentration ʱ?? Shi is also involved in liver fine Vit metabolism, such as storage Vit A, Vit B, vitamin cable D, vitamin K and other family. Liver cells also synthesize cholesterol, overcast salt and other substances. Address shaped thin electric (Kupffer) There are iron storage function.

What is the relationship of the gallbladder and liver?

Cystic duct system and liver by rouge connected to a liver secretes digestive juice – bile storage tank. Pear-shaped, about 8cm × 3cm size, can store about 500ml bile.

What is the function of the gallbladder?

(I) storage. This is the main function of the gallbladder. Diastolic fasting gallbladder, liver, bile stored in the gallbladder.

(2) concentrated. Bile stored in the gallbladder wall to absorb moisture and oxides can concentrate bile from 6 to 10 times.

(3) secretion. Gallbladder wall about every 24 hours 20ml Gan fluid secretion, a protective membrane from the gallbladder bile Gan Chun eclipse function, but there is a lubricant, is conducive to the discharge of bile. (4) shrink. Gallbladder gallbladder contraction since the end of the beginning, gradually toward the cystic duct, the bile into the common bile duct, and then fed into the intestine.

Anti-cancer dietary recommendations


Anti-cancer dietary recommendations

  Are you suffering from cancer, has a large root relationship with the daily diet. If you usually pay attention to eating fresh foods, with a reasonable way of food, and pay attention to the word of cooking methods, it can greatly reduce the likelihood of cancer.
(1) Do not buy cheaper fresh or rotten vegetables and fruits.
(2) pickles, bacon and other foods contain carcinogens nitrite, should eat as well.
(3) to make rice, make rice porridge evil before washing clean, in order to reduce damage to the body becomes Margaret g.
(4) moldy rice, flour, peanuts and other foods contain carcinogenic aflatoxin, a and found that eating should be abandoned.
(5) smoked fish, meat, sausage and other foods containing carcinogenic tar cigarettes, should not eat or try to eat as well.
(6) often fried foods will increase pollution in the kitchen, make easy to get lung cancer.
(7) in the water storage tank should be updated once every 2-3 days, do not always retained root, because the bacteria remain in the Bottom sediments of nitrate in the water can be reduced to nitrite carcinogenic political salt.
(8) Eat more foods rich in fiber, such as celery, leeks, fresh dates, sweet potato and so on.
(9) Do not eat meat too much. Because of the high fat content of meat, you can eat more fish, shrimp to meet the body’s protein.
(10) Do not put too much cooking oil.

Patients with liver disease to the elegant living environment


Why liver disease patients to the elegant living environment?

   Whether the sick and ill and rehabilitation of speed, depending on three factors: First, the size of the pathogen presence and virulence; the second is the strength of the body’s resistance; three natural environmental conditions. Natural environment, including climate, temperature, humidity, sunlight, water, air. So the majority of patients with liver disease, should make full use of favorable factors in the environment, and promote their own health body, this treatment can be said that both economical and effective.


What is color therapy?

   Color therapy is the use of the main lighting lighting, brushing colored walls and ceiling, layout and color color environment direct sunlight and other psychological treatment. If you can create a science in everyday life, the appropriate color environment, not only for the health benefits, it is also an important measure in many patients with chronic liver disease treatment.

In a trip hepatitis prevention


a trip how to prevent hepatitis?

   Hepatitis B, hepatitis C is the major route of transmission through blood and body fluids; and hepatitis A and hepatitis E is mainly spread through the digestive tract, the feces, food spread. Preventive measures are:


   (1) Travel before vaccination.
   (2) travel alert. In a trip, do not eat the poor sanitary conditions of street stalls; avoid eating raw seafood and other aquatic food; after washing hands before meals and water, dishes, towels alone; do not eat undercooked vegetables, eat salad Levin; pay attention to rest.
  (3) Check after travel. If a trip to confirm exposure to hepatitis patients should immediately injection of hepatitis B immune globulin prophylaxis of high titer, then the examination and treatment.

“After dinner walk” not hepatitis applicable


“After dinner walk” also applies to the hepatitis patients do?
As the saying goes, “a walk after dinner, live to nine.” This is for healthy people, is very helpful. But for hepatitis patients, particularly patients with active hepatitis, it may not be appropriate. Because after a meal gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of the burden of increased blood circulation into the liver of various nutrients also increased, a variety of functional activity of the liver must be strengthened, if a walk after dinner, limb blood flow. The amount of blood into the liver will be reduced.

  In order to ensure blood flow and reduce the burden on the liver, damaged liver cells to facilitate the repair of the liver can be very good. Hepatitis meal is best to stay in bed for 1-2 hours, then walk properly more appropriate.

  What Taijiquan health care functions?

  Taijiquan has profound martial art, with roots good health effects. Characteristics of Taijiquan is Brisk move. Operating gentle, natural breathing, intention is not hard is static in the move, although moving still quiet, quiet to keep brain, moving to live blood, both inside and outside, mentally and physically break. Even closely awareness, breathing, movement three, adjust the body to achieve the yin and yang meridians. Cheong blood, people of great vitality and effects while allowing weak physical enhancement, patient rehabilitation, serve to enhance physical fitness, illnesses in effect.

Movement treatment of fatty liver


What is the role of fatty liver movement therapy?
  Exercise therapy is particularly important due to the promotion of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, excess nutrients such as fatty liver subsided. Exercise to lose weight is to remove abdominal visceral fat, and visceral fat than subcutaneous fat fatty fatty easier to diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other malignant diseases.

   Exercise therapy of fatty liver What are the characteristics?

   (1) is an active therapy. Patients need active participation, serious exercise, in order to train and improve self-control.
   (2) is a systemic therapy. Overall physiological effects of exercise therapy caused pain not only have a therapeutic effect on the local, but also have a positive impact on the body and various internal organs.
   (3) is a functional recovery therapy. Through sports, people’s energy, visceral functions of the resistance, the ability to adapt to exercise than those who lack strong gorge.
   (4) is a disease prevention tool. Exercise can enhance physical fitness, medical treatment but also play a role in disease prevention.

Patients with liver disease can not travel


1 liver convalescent patients can travel long distances?

  Liver disease patients recovery is best not to long-distance travel. Because after a year of acute hepatitis, liver function needs to stabilize, chronic hepatitis to more than two years to stabilize, to engage in relatively stable after heavy work and less strenuous activities.
Cause of hepatitis relapse due to overwork and circumstances have changed due to environmental and recurrence. When long-distance travel, due to changing living conditions, soil and water environment, causing some changes in the internal environment, prone to liver function repeatedly.

  Patients with liver disease suitable to travel?

  Liver disease patients travel large range of activities, wide contact surface, more activities, so a lot of blood flow to the extremities, will relatively reduce the blood into the liver, and because of physical fatigue due to consume too much, to increase in the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, liver a corresponding increase in the burden of a lot. In addition, tourism poor nutrition, unhealthy diet, decreased immunity, these fixes are very detrimental to the liver cells, and can cause illness. In addition, patients with hepatitis tourism, but also easy to infect others. Therefore, hepatitis patients should not travel.