Hepatitis in patients with hyperemesis Gravidarum do?

(1) avoid mental stress, relax, and take a rest.
(2) pay attention to diet. Diet does not require the law, want to eat, but eat more meals, should avoid the stomach empty, can prepare some biscuits, snacks, etc. at any time to eat, so that can be appropriate to ease the nausea, vomiting, nausea, vomiting.
(3) vomiting, eating difficult person need to be hospitalized, to prevent damage to the liver and kidney function. Such as treatment lasted for 1 week and will continue after the vomiting, temperatures above 38C, jaundice exacerbation, delirium, lethargy, retinal hemorrhage, polyneuritis should be consider termination of the pregnancy.
Why do pregnant women often have anemia?
Anemia is common in pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia is the most common. Mainly because of the need for liver disease in pregnant women compared to the general population increased significantly, and can not be added in time. Pregnant women must pay attention to the supplement of iron. In addition to under the guidance of a doctor taking iron preparations, but also eat some iron containing foods, such as jujube etc..

What should you pay attention to when you are pregnant?

(1) delivery should be prepared for the appropriate blood, and the appropriate choice of coagulation drugs
. Such as vitamin K1, thrombin, and other.
(2) a number of fibrinogen, platelet count and prothrombin time should be repeated.
Between. If the latter is greater than 20 seconds should pay special attention to prevent large bleeding.
(3) prevention of delayed production, shortening of second, third of the labor process, reducing postpartum hemorrhage.
(4) the use of antibiotics should be selected after delivery of the liver without any damage to the liver.
What are the effects of hepatitis a woman’s pregnancy on the liver?
During pregnancy, pregnant women need to increase the amount of nutrients to supply the fetus
Long development, pregnant women significantly accelerated metabolism, so that the liver glycogen reserves decreased, and the fetus
The metabolism and detoxification of children, mainly rely on the mother’s liver to complete, increase the pregnancy
Women’s liver burden. Especially in the late pregnancy, if combined with pregnancy induced hypertension
Syndrome, because of the small artery spasm, the liver can appear ischemic damage, easy to develop into a heavy
Hepatitis. The physical consumption and bleeding and damage of the delivery process can aggravate the liver damage,
To promote the liver tissue necrosis has been lesions. Therefore, the development of hepatitis B in late pregnancy
An increase in the proportion of acute or subacute severe hepatitis. And after delivery, liver
Function is not easy to recover. In short, the hepatitis patients have been pregnant with the maternal liver damage,
Is undoubtedly a serious test.

Early pregnancy had hepatitis should pay attention to?

Early pregnancy is the fetal organ development, the main period of differentiation, at this time of pregnancy
To increase the risk of hepatitis, special attention should be paid to.
(1) attention to rest. Such as acute hepatitis early to be hospitalized or in situ isolation,
Pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue.
(2) improving diet.
(3) using drugs. Use of drugs that have no harm to the fetus and pregnant women
Should not be too many, as far as possible, and jane.
(4) proper treatment of pregnancy. Because of the early pregnancy reaction takes a lot, can increase the liver
Dirty burden, it should be considered whether the physical and pathological changes to terminate pregnancy. In the rush
Symptoms such as sexual attacks, should be promptly terminated the pregnancy; if the condition is not heavy, can continue to pregnancy,
But the need for treatment in intensive care specialist, to ensure the safety of the mother.
What should notice in the middle of the late pregnancy?
Hepatitis B in the late pregnancy, in addition to attention to rest, to improve the diet, careful medication and active treatment, but also in a timely manner in order to effectively monitor the prevention of hepatitis B.
Moreover, the late pregnancy in general does not advocate termination of pregnancy, because the induction of labor can not change
The process of a kind of disease, sometimes it will increase the burden of patients. Of course, cirrhosis of the liver
Patients with severe hepatitis and compensation in active liver after treatment, may consider termination of pregnancy.

How to carry out the isolation of the family?

The use of chopsticks should be sterilized by boiling for maternal hepatitis. The milk used by the newborn should be boiled and sterilized. The susceptible person is injected with a vaccine and immune globulin injection to enhance the body immunity.
Hepatitis B maternal stress and neonatal isolation for 4 weeks, if maternal belongs to the “big 3 this world” or “small Sanyang” patients, not feeding, no mouth to mouth to breastfeed the baby and avoid close contact, such as blood. Sweat. Urine, milk, etc.. The milk of the newborn should be boiled and sterilized, the use of the goods after the use of high efficient disinfection solution immersion disinfection, wash before use. Newborns should be in accordance with the immune process in the birth of hepatitis B vaccine, to block the mother to child transmission of hepatitis B virus.
Hepatitis B mother’s ability to nurse
At present, the general does not advocate HBsAg positive mothers with breast feeding, this is because:
First, HBBAG positive mothers whose milk contains hepatitis B virus particles. Have certain infectivity to baby.
Second, in the neonatal period, the immune system development is not perfect, resistance is very low, infected by the virus, often can not effectively recognition and clearance of the virus, which can lead to infection chronicity.
Third, the infant’s self-protection consciousness and function is relatively poor, often do not consciously lead to the skin, the point of membrane damage, these damage may become the virus to enter the channel. When breast-feeding, the virus may pass through the mucous membrane of the damaged part of the baby.

Can patients get married in patients with liver disease?

Strictly speaking, in the acute phase of viral hepatitis or chronic hepatitis, liver function is abnormal, there are obvious signs and symptoms, can not get married. Because patients should be very good at this time to rest and treatment, the busy before marriage is bad for the disease. The new married life is not easy to control, so that a large number of physical and energy loss, easy to increase the burden of the liver, so that the disease is worse or recurrence.
In short, after the virus hepatitis or virus carriers, not to get married, but must choose a good marriage and fertility, and the doctor’s close observation and guidance, to take the necessary measures.
How to carry out the isolation of the family?
The use of chopsticks should be sterilized by boiling for maternal hepatitis. The milk used in the newborns should be boiled and sterilized. The susceptible person is injected with a vaccine and immune globulin injection to enhance the body immunity.
Hepatitis B maternal stress and neonatal isolation for 4 weeks, if maternal belongs to the “big 3 this world” or “small Sanyang” patients, not feeding, no mouth to mouth to breastfeed the baby and avoid close contact, such as blood, sweat, urine, milk, etc.. The milk of the newborn should be boiled and sterilized, the use of the goods after the use of high efficient disinfection solution immersion disinfection, wash before use. Newborns should be in accordance with the immune process in the birth of hepatitis B vaccine, to block the mother to child transmission of hepatitis B virus.

What should be paid attention to when patients with liver disease at home?

(1) treat diseases properly, to maintain ease of, establish the confidence to overcome the disease. TCM believes that “the anger impairs the liver”, placed to be too broad, calm and optimism, which is helpful to recover.
(2) the prevention of infection. Decreased immune function in patients with chronic liver disease, disease or disease is likely to be various disease-causing factors in infection, that cause colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, skin infections, which will allow the restored or still again change and activity of the disease.
(3) to prevent fatigue. Recovery period may not be strictly confined to bed, walking, Tai Chi, mild may participate according to domestic work, not tired and tired as the standard, helps the body blood circulation, especially the function of internal organs. To avoid just left hospital for more vigorous activity.
(4) medication under the supervision of a physician. Don’t use of drugs in patients with chronic hepatitis, especially not to use too much.
(5) regular review of liver function.
Why posthepatitic cirrhosis cannot be overloaded with work?

Posthepatitic cirrhosis from chronic viral hepatitis and progressive development of chronic severe hepatitis. Patients with decompensated cirrhosis of liver function, typically do not emphasize on bed rest, reduced activity, can participate in the appropriate work, combined with good rest, to not feel fatigue. If various treatments, nutrition, suitable, stationary or slow progress of liver lesions, cirrhosis can be compensated for a long time and has no impact on people’s quality of life. But all should rest in bed in patients with decompensated cirrhosis, especially in patients with ascites should be strictly confined to bed. Bed could improve the hepatic and renal blood flow, reducing adrenaline and Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in the second stimulus to improve less urine. So no matter what the period in patients with posthepatitic cirrhosis cannot be overloaded work to prevent exacerbations.

combine the hepatitis B virus carriers in life

A tooth will be infected with hepatitis, why?
According to the statistics, the medical personnel hepatitis B infection rate was significantly higher than the general population, especially in contact with the blood of the Department, including Department of stomatology. To Department of Stomatology patients, some of them are hepatitis B surface antigen and e antigen positive, the infection is very strong, the Department of Stomatology doctors do not know when the tooth is not wearing gloves, it is very easy to infection with hepatitis virus.
In addition, the patient may also spread. Due to hepatitis B patients of saliva and blood were infectious, syringe, bur if disinfection is not strict, especially use not killing and inhibiting hepatitis B virus disinfection liquid such as alcohol, benzalkonium bromide (new clean and destroy) dipping needle or drill, it is possible to cause between the patients of mutual communication.
How to combine the hepatitis B virus carriers in life?
The vast majority of hepatitis B surface antigen positive adults are in different positions to adhere to the study and work. But in the body of the body of the hepatitis B surface antigen positive, there is a defect, which requires more attention than normal rest.
(1) do not make eye fatigue. Sleep is the best way to protect your eyes and eliminate fatigue. Therefore, we remind the hepatitis B surface antigen positive person to ensure that 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, noon the best can rest for half an hour.
(2) active rest through cross work. When the smell of mental labor for 2 hours after can be exchanged for physical labor or exercise exercise.
(3) to have a hobby, laoyijiege. Growing flowers flowers, playing poker, chess, calligraphy drawing, feed the birds, sing Beijing opera, hum a tune and other entertainment life can relax, eliminate fatigue.

Incubation period for each type of viral hepatitis

How long is the incubation period for each type of viral hepatitis?
From the hepatitis virus to the human body until the initial symptoms appear. This period is called incubation period. With the pathogen species, latency to view, virulence, human immune status of different lengths.
(I) the incubation period of hepatitis A virus hepatitis A virus hepatitis A virus (hepatitis A virus) is generally 45 days, and the average is 30 days.
(2) hepatitis B (hepatitis) the incubation period of 6 weeks to 6 months, usually in about 3 months.
(3) C virus hepatitis (hepatitis AFV) through blood transfusion infection after Hu latent period average 7.8 weeks (5-12 weeks). Up to a maximum of 30 weeks, the shortest 2 weeks (seen in patients with haemophilia).
(4) mouse hepatitis virus (referred to as hepatitis D) the Ching ummer is not clear. People with hepatitis D virus positive blood transfusion to hepatitis B surface antigen carriers divination day that alanine aminotransferase (GPT) increased and other similar to hepatitis B clinical manifestations.
The incubation period of (5) viral hepatitis (hepatitis A) average for 4 days (10-60 days), for short is hepatitis B and C, but a hepatitis a slightly longer
(6) G virus hepatitis (hepatitis G) of latency no company, reported a blood transfusion after the incubation period of hepatitis G an average of 61 days.

Will contact the hepatitis B patient must be infected

Hepatitis B is transmitted through close contact, blood and body fluids and mother to child transmission of these 3 channels. General contact, such as the talks, shake hands, work colleagues, office, common meals, the possibility of hepatitis B virus infection is very small. Normal life contact between normal people and patients with hepatitis B is not easy to infect the hepatitis B virus. Only with the following situations, it may be infected and become the hepatitis B patients: A is the objective conditions, namely vertical transmission from mother to child, or received a blood transfusion, surgery, contacting unclean blood and blood product opportunities; another is the subjective conditions, and among the high-risk groups of hepatitis B close contact including life not self love and injecting drug use and other bad habits. Even so, also not necessarily will infection of hepatitis B virus and disease, and ultimately depends on autoimmune ability, if just immune in Xu chaos state will to hepatitis B virus caused an opportunity.
Why do some people with hepatitis B virus carriers have no symptoms
Most scholars believe that the formation of asymptomatic hepatitis B virus carriers is related to the body’s immune function.
(1) mother to child transmission. The vertical transmission of mother to children is the most important way of infection after birth. In the absence of preventive measures, the hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B e antigen double positive mother, mother to child transmission rate of hepatitis B virus is almost 100% infants, the hepatitis B virus is the lack of immune clearance capacity, performance is immune tolerance state”. The invasion of hepatitis B virus deoxyribonucleic acid can and infant liver cell chromosomal gene combined with the use of infant hepatocyte replication function of reproduction, and reached into the body’s immune system to attack, and to long term hepatitis B virus carrier state and there is not enough symptomatic.
(2) infant infection. Infants with hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B e antigen positive mother, nanny, close contact with relatives, such as nursing, feeding, kissing and so can lead to infection; can also be infected through the unclean injection. The infant in susceptible environment than adult infection and carry the probability of about 8 times.
(3) resistance. After exposure to hepatitis B virus, the immune function is low or defective, but it can not be a disease, but it can not eliminate the virus, so that the virus and the body is in a state of coexistence and become asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis B virus.

Treatment and protection of hepatitis B virus carriers

Why can not be blind to the treatment of hepatitis B virus carriers, drug use?
Many people with hepatitis B virus carriers believe that the drug can be better treated, in fact, otherwise. Especially for children and adolescents, in the immune tolerance stage, at this time for a variety of treatment without response, all kinds of treatment can not be effective, if this time a large number of drug treatment, not only a waste of money, but also increase the burden of the liver to make liver function abnormal.
For chronic hepatitis B virus carriers, should be mobilized to do liver tissue examination, non active surface antigen carriers generally do not need treatment, but to pay attention to closely monitor the disease; and the real need to treat the main chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the patient.
How to do a good job of individual protection?
Experts said that hepatitis B virus carriers can work and study, but to pay attention to the regular inspection, and consciously have abnormal situation immediately seek medical treatment, in daily life to pay attention to protect themselves.
First of all can not be for “disease” by sorrow, dispirited; while paying special attention to quit smoking, temperance, pay attention to rest, do not fatigue, rest are good for liver nutrition supply and liver cells repair; also should pay attention to nutrition to a reasonable and balanced, and do a good job of personal hygiene.